Taking it Easy on a Rainy Day

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It’s raining rather heavily in Tokyo, so I’m spending the day mostly indoors with hot tea and pastries while editing down video footage from yesterday’s Akihabara adventure.

5:00pm JST

We begin our rainy adventure by walking to the Lawson’s (was Sunkus) to buy a Y525 umbrella. That’s actually a little more expensive than it should be, I can get them even cheaper at the local Kusuriya at Y398. My understanding is that Tokyo sells thousands of these a day and with their on again off again weather I can understand why. Pretty nice umbrella for only Y525 and now I look like a typical Tokyoite walking about the streets with a cheap umbrella!

Even monkey wants an umbrella bought from the conbini…

Andrew wants to grab something to eat so we walk to the “Freshness Burger” next to Akafudado. Now I can finally partake in the legendary “Spam Burger”… and yes, a Spam Burger is exactly what it sounds like, a burger made with a slice of Spam instead of a beef patty. The Spam Burger is actually pretty good too, just a slice of Spam and a fried egg on a bed of shredded lettuce under a hamburger bun.

After a quick trip to Akafudado to replenish my war chest of snack foods, we’re both calling it a night.